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Paraglide Africa

Take the front seat and experience the sensation of free flight with an experienced tandem flight instructor. You will soar like an eagle gliding over picturesque scenery, enjoying the fresh air in your face. Your instructor will guide you through the entire experience from take-off to landing and introduce you to the world of paragliding.

Operating Days & Hours
Paraglide Africa is Open everyday. We schedule flights according to weather conditions for your perfect paragliding flight adventure with us.


Fly from these locations:

Paraglide Africa – Sedgefield, Egret Road, Cloud 9, Sedgefield
-34.006130, 22.794760

Paraglide Africa – Beach Hotel, 1 South St, Wilderness, 6538
-33.999301, 22.613640

Paraglide Africa – Map of Africa, 1 Remskoen St, Wilderness, 8653
-33.993069, 22.560152

Please preserve our environment for our posterity by not littering.