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Enhanced Fitness & Bouldering Gym

Contact Details
+2781 064 8890

This studio is a unique Fitness Hub with an indoor bouldering wall at a height of 4.8 meters. The routes are suitable for beginner to advanced climbers. Children are welcome. 

Climb Fit classes:
These classes are a good guided intro into the world of bouldering. We focus on building a good base of technical and dynamic skills. We work through movements, control, problem solving, route setting, strength and confidence. It is an awesome way to get into the sport and you will have a blast! 

Personal Training:
A one on one for you and your gym buddy from 30 to 80min sessions, these are tailored to your goals and include body assessments, movement analysis and meal plans. 

Functional Fitness :
These group classes incorporate multiple modalities such as gymnastics, weightlifting, running, biking, odd objects and rowing. 

Workouts are programmed with each member in mind and are super adaptable to any level and any age. The main goal is making you the most capable healthy fit and strong human you can be.

HIIT classes 
These classes are 30min and the main focus is ramping up that caloric burn through fast paced workouts that use lighter weights. This is also highly adaptable for any level and welcomes all ages. 

Get in contact to book your session today or show up during our open hours. 

Operating Days & Hours
Monday – Thursday
Morning: 05:30 – 09:00
Afternoon: 15:30 – 18:30

Morning: 05:30 – 09:00
Afternoon: 15:30 – 16:30

Morning: ​08:30 – 09:30
Available for bookings


Unit 4, 14 Hadeda Street,
Knysna Industrial,
​Knysna 6571
S34°02’34.3″ E23°04’37.0″

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