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Brenton Fisherman’s Walk

The Fisherman’s Walk in Brenton-on-Sea is a short walk along the edge of the fossilized sand dune cliffs and along a section of beach below. We did this trail on a Sunday afternoon and there was an ocean mist hanging against the cliffs. 

We did the trail in a counter clockwise loop, going down the wooden steps on the western side which also includes quite a narrow path that is a bit exposed to steep ground down to the beach. This section could potentially be a bit unsafe and i would advise it with small children or if you do not like heights, I would then rather advise going down on the other side and going back up the same way. The path on the other side is well established with steps, it would give the less fit amongst us a good workout but it is fairly safe. 

The section along the beach is very beautiful and you can observe the fossilized sand dune cliffs from below and there are even a few shallow caves to see along this section. Depending on the sand level and the tides you could possible encounter water along some sections so it would be a good idea to check the tides in advance if you are planning on going down to the beach.

The section along the top has beautiful views over the cliffs, beach and sea and we also saw a variety of small birds in the shrubs. I counted no less than 19 benches along this section alone and there are a few wood decks also with benches and views of the sea. During whale season you have a good chance to spot whales off the coast along this path. We saw a mongoose exploring one of these decks as well.

I would definitely recommend taking your camera and binoculars.

​Distances: The circular route we did which included the beach section was 2.2km, but you can opt to just walk along the top section for a short leisurely alternative.

Difficulty: Mostly easy, the up/down sections are steep in places and more strenuous. The eastern up/down has steps and well established, the western up/down has a section that is quite narrow and has some exposure and a drop down to the beach so be very careful here.

Dogs: Dogs allowed on a leash, please take a bag and collect the poop.

Route markers: None

Permits & Cost: None

Contact numbers: Not applicable

Directions: There are a few trailheads along Streenbras Street in Brenton-on-Sea. You can turn left into Streenbras Street as you are coming down CR Swart Road through Brenton-on-Sea.

Trailhead – 34°04’29.9″S 23°01’52.2″E
Trailhead – 34°04’30.5″S 23°01’59.1″E
Trailhead – 34°04’32.9″S 23°02’06.9″E

Other: Along the upper section the path passes in front of private residences, please respect their privacy.

Download .GPX file of the route. (50KB)

Please preserve our environment for our posterity by not littering.