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Brenton to Buffalo Bay Beach Walk

This is a beautiful walk along the beach between Brenton-on-Sea and Buffalo Bay and offers beautiful photographic opportunities at sunset.

The walk can be commenced from either Brenton-on-Sea or Buffalo Bay, but to do the entire walk it is advised that you go at low tide, otherwise it might be difficult to pass between the fynbos and sea in some places.

Distance: 5.5km (one way).

Difficulty: Easy beach walk.

Caution: If you take the kids along for a swim, I would advise that they swim in the marked areas at Brenton-on-Sea and Buffalo Bay because there is a backwash in some areas along the beach.

Directions to Brenton-on-Sea: From Knysna take the N2 towards George, just as you cross the White Bridge turn right (Brenton-on-Sea, Belvidere). 
Follow this road to the parking area at Benton-on-Sea.

Coordinates: S34 04.402 E23 01.205

Other: There is a small shop and a restaurant at both Brenton-on-Sea and Buffalo Bay for a snack

Directions to Buffalo Bay: From Knysna take the N2 towards George, about 11km out take the Buffalo Bay turn-off to the left. 
Follow this road for 10km and park at the Superette at Buffalo Bay.

Coordinates: S34 05.165 E22 58.423
​-34.082308, ​22.997818

“Castle Rock”
Ablution facilities on the way down to the beach on Brenton’s side.
This ladder is situated on Castle Rock and is mostly used by fisherman climbing onto the rock to fish off the sea-side.

Please preserve our environment for our posterity by not littering.