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Kayaking Wilderness

In Wilderness you can explore the Touws from the mouth and up past Ebb-and-Flow, the Serpentine river between the Touws River and Island lake and also the Island Lake area itself.

Permits & Cost: Permits can be obtained from the SANParks office on Thesen Island in Knysna or Ebb-and-Flow in Wilderness and are R216 per annually or R108 per month (February 28, 2022)

Contact numbers:
SANParks Thesen Island 044 302 5600
SANParks Wilderness Ebb-and-Flow 044 877 1197

Directions & Coordinates:
Touws River Lagoon (-33.994782, 22.578858)
Ebb-and-flow Southern Entrance (-33.994641, 22.606674)
Ebb-and-flow Northern Entrance (-33.988123, 22.608264)
Island Lake (-33.991889, 22.634492)

Other: We recommend always wearing PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) even when paddling on the lagoon. Wear a hat and sunscreen as well, bearing in mind that the reflection off the water can also burn you.

Ebb & Flow Rest Camp

Canoes can be rented from the Tarentaal day visitors area at the SANParks’s Ebb & Flow Rest Camp. From here you can explore the Touws and Serpentine rivers with beautiful views and abundant birdlife.

There is also a great picnic area here where you can relax for the rest of the day oe explore the very popular Half Collard Kingfisher Trail.

Island Lake

This natural lake on the outskirts of Wilderness has its own island, hence the name ‘Island Lake’. This is a great lake to explore by kayak and other watercraft are also allowed. There is also a picnic site with facilities here. Please note that it can get windy on this lake and on a windy day Ebb & Flow might be a better option for paddling.

Please preserve our environment for our posterity by not littering.